The Battle of Exercise Tiger: The LST's Finest Hour
What began as a top secret naval operation to prepare US Army and Naval forces for the June 6th D-Day Invasion, would end with one of the highest losses ever suffered in combat by the US Army and Navy in WW II.
A Word From the Executive Director of the Exercise Tiger Association

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Susan Haines
National Executive Director, Chief Of Staff

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The History of The Exercise Tiger Association, National Foundation

Our Past
The New Jersey Exercise Tiger Association began in 1989 with two veterans of the battle Bud Carey, LST 507 and Tom Glynn, LST 289. It's original Executive Director, Walter Domanski Jr. is the son of the late "Tiger" vet Walter "Guns" Domanski Sr. of LST 496. Walter Jr. is also a former U.S. Navy Midshipman from the Missouri University's NROTC unit. He was nicknamed "Guns" in 1993 by Lt. Commander Rob Raine Chief PAO at Philadelphia Naval Base out of respect for his father and because of his efforts on behalf of all Tiger vets.

In 1996 the New Jersey Exercise Tiger Association was renamed as The Exercise Tiger Association, National Foundation with the creation of the Missouri Chapter. Since 1995 the association has grown to include over 300 members on the national level as well as select honorary members. Twelve annual ceremonies to commemorate Exercise Tiger have been conducted. Five at VFW Post 3729 on Long Beach Island, three at the Philadelphia Naval Base, One at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, the 1997 Mid-west ceremony at VFW Post 280 in Columbia Missouri and ceremonies in 1998 and 1999. The 1998 tribute was held at Crowder Hall on the Univ. of Missouri campus, the first ever ceremony hosted by a Navy ROTC unit at a college. In 1999 the Indiana Tiger Chapter held the first ceremony in Indiana at Indianapolis. Additionally, in 1996 the nuclear submarine USS Nebraska SSBN 739, part of Sub Group 10 out of Kings Bay Georgia, held the first ceremony by a United States sub while underway. For 1998 The USS Maine SSBN 741, also part of Sub Group 10 held the first tribute to "Tiger" with veterans of the battle while at sea. Since 1990, the United States Coast Guard has used one of its cutters to annually drop a wreath into the Atlantic Ocean. In 1997 The Commandant of the Coast Guard, Rear Admiral Kramek did the first ever remarks by a Coast Guard Admiral. Further details on our past ceremonies can be found on our past Tiger Ceremonies page.

The Exercise Tiger Association is recognized by the Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of the Navy, Office of the Under Secretary of the Army for International Affairs, US Coast Guard, the Governors of Missouri and New Jersey and by members of Congress and Senate. We honor servicemen and service women from all branches of the military. In 1998 The Office of The Joint Chiefs of Staff recognized the association. The Association is also a National Non Profit Commemorative Foundation. It continues to promote and educate communities, students and citizens on the historic battle of Exercise Tiger.

The Association advocates and conducts annual ceremonies in honor of" Tiger" and furthers the cause for both awards by the military branches and by state and local governments to honor the men and memory of Exercise Tiger. The Foundation also serves to advocate and lobby for all veterans of the United States. The Exercise Tiger Association, National Commemorative Foundation is a non-profit organization, its Federal ID Number is 22-3573160.

Our Future Objectives...

The USS Exercise Tiger LPD
(The naming of a future USN Amphibious Ship After Tiger)

MODOT Signage on I-70 at Kingdom City

Military Order of the Blue Tiger ~ Cats For K-9’s
(Making the award a Dept. of Defense award for all Military Working Dogs and Combat K-9’s like Great Britain has had since WWI)

VFW Post 280 Plaque
(site of Nation’s First “Tiger” ceremony west of The Mississippi)

CATS Campaign
(Carnations for American Troops & Sailors)

HEROS Campaign
(Honoring, Enlisted, Reserve, Officers & Service Members)

Military Appreciation Day Game Trophy
(A trophy for MU Football that would be given to the winner of the annual Military/Family Appreciation day Game)

If you would like to participate or volunteer or donate to any of the above projects see National Director Susan Haines. If you’re an elected official and would like to help with any of the above programs contact Susan Haines. Email:

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